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When you purchased your home, it was most likely a major investment for you and your family. It’s also a way for you to know that they protected and cared for in a safe environment. Your lender outlined their required policy amounts while you have a mortgage but this may not be enough coverage to give you peace of mind and the protection you deserve. Our team at Valor Insurance works with homeowners to understand the coverage type and amounts their lifestyle demands.

There are a variety of threats such as fire, flooding and severe weather that concern homeowners. There is also the risk that someone is accidentally injured when they visit your home. So, it’s important to know your coverage options. Homeowner’s policies are designed to cover the costs of repairing or replacing a home that has been damaged or destroyed during certain listed events. Home policies also cover personal items that are damaged.

This includes the contents of the home such as your clothing, furniture, and appliances. Structures on the property, including pergolas, fences, and sheds, are covered. Following a disaster, if the home is structurally unsafe to live in, many policies will cover the policyholders additional living expenses while the home is being fixed. This can be used for hotels and meals. Personal liability is also addressed in home policies. This coverage protects you if someone has an accident on the property. It will cover their medical expenses if you are found to have been negligent. It can also help with legal expenses if they decide to sue you.

There are many risks in everyday life. Disastrous events can completely overwhelm a family financially without the right coverage in place. The agents at Valor Insurance are ready to have a conversation about your insurance needs. Use our online tools and general information on our website, or visit us in person to get the protection you deserve.