Transactional Risk Insurance

Specialty Risk Managment
Transactional Risk Management – Mergers & Acquisitions: Representations and Warranties Insurance

Representations and warranties insurance is a specialized form of business insurance that covers specific losses that can occur during M&A. Contractual terms are set during mergers and acquisitions in which the seller indemnifies the buyer for breaches in representations and warranties.

​With R&W insurance, the insurer pays a lower premium (typically 2%-3%) and underwriting/broker fees for a third-party insurer covering losses up to ~10% of the M&A price. Like any insurance plan, there are deductibles, limitations, and exclusions of coverage. While both the buyer and seller can use this business insurance, most insureds are the buyers.

Commercial Business Insurance

Business Owners Policies, Workers Compensation, EPLI, and more!

Commercial Business Insurance may be obtained to protect businesses from potential losses. BOP policies include commercial umbrella insurance and workers compensation insurance, along with fleet vehicle protection, flood insurance, aircraft insurance, and property and casualty coverage for any business properties.

Industry-specific business insurance can also be purchased. A hospital, for example, can insure against medical malpractice. Specialty policies are also available for mergers and acquisitions. With business insurance in place, the business has a safety net to ensure operations don’t shut down due to a lawsuit, natural disaster, or injury claim on the premises. These negative events can otherwise have adverse effects.

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Personal Insurance Package

Homeowners, Auto, Life, Umbrella, and more!

Personal lines insurance is a group of property & casualty insurance products that protect individuals from losses they otherwise couldn’t afford. P&C insurance includes homeowner’s insurance (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.), life insurance, auto insurance, and umbrella insurance that covers multiple vehicles and properties. The policies protect against natural disasters, theft, and even lawsuits stemming from incidents on the property.

​P&C also includes personal liability for renter’s fire policies and builder’s risk. These coverages protect against losses for personal liability and belongings, while not covering the structure itself. Everyone, whether living in an owned house, a rented apartment, or anywhere in between, should have personal lines insurance, and some states/landlords require it.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Security Solutions for Businesses

Cyber liability insurance covers losses associated with cyber events like an electronic data breach or loss of data. Cyber insurance is increasingly necessary in today’s connected world.  A breach of data, or even legal expenses related to cyber attacks, is a costly expense. Cyber hacks cause businesses to lose customers and revenue while gaining fines and investigations from regulators.

Modern cyber-attacks include ransomware, malware, botnets, and worms, all of which are powered by artificial intelligence and target businesses. These cybercriminals target credit card processing, customer databases, and company WiFi to access employee networks and wreak havoc on data. Cyber insurance protects businesses from cyberbullying.